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* Do you guarantee, FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY, that I'll get an agent, manager or a job in the entertainment industry?
NO -That is UP TO YOU to get the work.

If you DON'T have an agent, I will get the BEST HEADSHOTS possible that represent you. Since you have NOT AUDITIONED for me, I may not be able to judge your talent.

If you HAVE AN AGENT, I highly suggest you share your private website with your AGENT. Your favorite picture is NOT NECESSARILY the BEST HEADSHOT to get you work. TRUST YOUR AGENT AND MANAGER.


~Commercial and print ads are the easiest way to start in the business.

~DO NOT PAY ANYTHING to an agent for representation! ONLY when you
book a job for the agency do you pay them.
(NORMALLY 10 - 20 % of your earnings.)

~Personal Managers can charge monthly service fees to cover costs of mailings

~All child actors need a work permit

~Success as an actor is never guaranteed

~Rejection is common in this business DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL!

~WITH CHILD ACTORS, Always have patience with your child and nurture
their confidence Repeatedly tell them how great they are and how well they
did in an audition -NEVER tell them they did poorly.



* How do I get my $ 75 deposit to you?

You can send me your deposit via PAYPAL. Send deposit to:
or call me directly with your info 720-890-8083
within a 48 hour notice.

* Do I get all the photos from the session on CD rom?
No. THE ONLY PHOTOS provided are the photos chosen from the
session that are included, that are retouched, setup and print ready. Any additional photo may be purchase for $ 50, which will then be retouched. IF YOU DESIRE, YOU MAY PURCHASE THE ENTIRE SESSION
ON DVD FOR $ 375

* When do we shoot? What are your hours?
All photo shoots are done by appointment only. We can very flexible with schedules. We can shoot as early as 9:30 AM and no later than 2:00 PM. However, Headshots are BEST with available light, so earlier in the day is best.

* What are our cancellation policies?
All deposits are non-refundable. In the event of postponing a photo shoot, 48 hours is required. I will then reschedule a different day.

* Do you have a Hair & Makeup Artist? Is there a deposit for this?
We have several Hair & Makeup Artists that we hire.

We require a $ 50 Deposit when booking a makeup artist. This is NON REFUNDABLE as our makeup artist is not an on-site artist. We hire them in and they schedule us into their working time slots.

Do you Guarantee your work?
Of course, I do...If you are not happy with your session, I will RE-SHOOT
your session one more time, gratis...I do NOT issue refunds, but I do offer a reshoot complimentary. WHY DO YOU NOT ISSUE A REFUND? AFTER your session, I put everything ONLINE...and as the internet makes everything "available" to the consumer, I do NOT issue a refund .